Lost Sight of What You're Working so Hard for?

Ever think to yourself...

“Why has my business taken over my life? I thought I’d have the freedom to go to the movies or get a pedicure on a random Tuesday afternoon, and instead I’m working until 8 pm on a Saturday!”

Very often when I first start to work with clients and ask them “What’s your vision for your ideal work day?.” 

They’re like “I don’t even know what I want for breakfast tomorrow! You’re asking me about a VISION?? Seriously?!? I am too exhausted to even think about that. Also, it feels ridiculous to imagine because it’s so far away from where I am now. What’s the point?” 

That's Ok.
You've been working really hard.
This is were you start the journey back to the life you imagined when you started.

Hello! I’m Raina Willick and I specialize in helping entrepreneurs find their focus in life and business so there’s more time for all the other things that make up a happy life too. 

You’re probably in the thick of it right now, deep in the weeds of your business. Things are off the ground (yay!), and you just keep thinking “Ok, I’ll hit X goal and THEN I’ll take some time off”. 

But this is the moment it’s important to take a breath and re-orient your sights. Otherwise, you may end up going full steam in the wrong direction with no filter for your decisions to get you closer to what you want. 

It is possible to have a successful business and a life with less rush, more peace. Start by getting clear on what that means for you.

I help entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners. We create space, we create calm, and we create focus, together.

And, one of the first things we do is create a vision.

Very often clients tell me that thinking through their ideal day is pointless because it feels so far away and unrealistic. Or they are so burnt out that the only thing that sounds good is…nothing.

I will meet you where you are in this guide. 

It’s only once we give ourselves permission to imagine what we really want our business and life to look like that we can begin to make it happen. 

It’s not possible without this first step. 

Then it’s just one baby step at time. 

I’ll help you figure out where to start. 

Take the first steps out of the Hustle.
I'll be your guide to make it easy.

I created the Vision Journal Prompts as a place to start, when you're not sure what the first step is.

Inside, you’ll find not just your standard journaling prompts, but a process designed to reconnect you with the excitement and joy that you had when you first started your business.

What you’ll walk away with is some quick action steps to take this vision and use it to make your life WAY better: right where you are, right now.

And don’t worry if this kind of thing is really hard for you. I’ve got a whole section just for you because it’s actually very common to struggle with answering “what do you really want?”

The Vision Journal Prompts guide is easy and fun, and I’ll be there every step of the way. Email me if you get stuck on something!

“I about lost it when you affirm that it’s ok to be happy, care for yourself, want things in life, and not be okay with the status quo.”

We talked about your Vision Journal in the mastermind and I downloaded it. First off, it’s stinking awesome! Just skimming through without writing anything I was picturing this perfect Tuesday. I’m excited to dive in more. 

But second, I about lost it when you affirm that it’s ok to be happy, care for yourself, want things in life, and not be okay with the status quo. 

Thanks for being awesome and helping people on this journey. It’s tough stuff, and resources and people like you make it easier and less overwhelming.

Happy forever Tuesday,

Ready to get closer to the life you imagined? The first step is creating a vision.

I promise you, it has the power to change your whole entire life.

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